Natural Stone Retaining Wall and Ways to Maintain It

Natural Stone Retaining Wall and Ways to Maintain It

Natural stone retaining walls are very beautiful to look at. Whenever it comes to terraced or slope areas, nothing is handier than a retaining wall. They are gorgeous and can add a brilliant decorative yard, but they are also practical and deployable at assisting in utilizing your outdoor space.

But on the arrival of winters, natural retaining walls will likely be maintained, lest the cool weather can bring havoc on the base and the stones integrated into it.

Why You Should Maintain Your Natural Stone Walls

At first, anyone can think that retaining walls don’t need any maintenance, and even when these walls start to show signs of tear and wear. They think what could be a wall that has been built with stones. What can coldly do to it? Unfortunately, if anybody ignores the signs, it can draw disaster. Though it may take sometimes, or damage slowly, the problem will arise surely.

First, cold weather can establish cracks in the stone walls. Even a tiny crevice can lead to a more massive and bigger one that can affect the wall’s integrity. So, it’s crucial to take care of this issue.

Here are some effective ways to maintain those walls.

1. Inspect the Walls Regularly

If a landowner’s yard is buried in earth or snow, then he should not worry about going out and analyzing stones of the retaining wall. However, once the snow or mud is uncovered, they should go through a thorough estimation of it and a minimum of a couple of times during the cold season. Ideally, one should analyze it at the starting, mid, or at the end of the winter season.

When analyzing the wall, look both for gaps in the mortar, and cracks in the stones between them. As with those cracks, losing mortar can only make it worse over time.

2. Never to Treat the Wall Beforehand

It’s perfectly normal to desire to cover a different retaining wall in the different wall in different ice protective solution before any mud or snowfall set in. However, the fact is these compounds will erode slowly and the stones. It will end up creating more disaster than harm.

Consistent wall maintenance is crucial to keep those walls in the best form possible.

3. Removing Debris

There can be some cases, where retaining walls will possess a drainage pipe incorporated so that runoff for water doesn’t pool at the bottom of it. Generally, such pipes can be made of corrugated plastic to be protected from crack and rust when the winter season sets in.

Keep those pipes workable and efficient.

4. Fill in Eroded Region

After winter, anyone can notice some signs of erosion, as water flow and snowmelt may take some of the earth with it during its thawing. Any depression in the land around these walls, particularly on the peal of the surface, can propel to pooling, which will corrode the stone quickly.

Thus, one will want to substitute any missing earth faster, so that the owner of the property doesn’t get any pool of water each time it rains through the year.

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